Saturday, April 6, 2013

How To Comment On Blog As Well As Dynamic Web (1)

Buddy Bloggers and the internet surfer..., sometimes when we need information we try looking for in cyberspace. Because cyberspace is full of the kinds of information both free and paid. I am among those who do it.
So I suggest to keep a good attitude as when we were in the real world. When a friend gives valuable information to us, because we need that information, it is only logical we thank you etc.. Or maybe just a smile, or just to say "nice information.." and others. And the award as it also needs, in fact I would suggest to also remain in force while it is in the cyberspace.

our Acknowledgements via the comments box it is very useful for blog and website owners. So from now on when buddy bloggers and internet surfers opening blog or website and get the info useful or good information I recommend to comment. It as a sign of our appreciation to the owners.
The following are the steps to give comments on the blog or the web with google or gmail account.
For example, my friend opened my blog or, then wanted to comment, the steps are :

  1. After reading the blog page, scroll down of article pages you read. Type your comment in the blank box provided. Then click small triangle and choose one, for example you choose "Google Account". Check again your comment. If you are sure of your words then click "Publish".

  2. Next new window will appear.
    Now you are asked to sign in to your account. Type your email and password. If you want to stay signed in after log of or shut down your computer, then select "Stay signed in" to stay signed in. If not, just ignore it and click "Sign in". Do not select  "Stay signed in" if using public computer.
  3. If you do the right step, this will be the last step of comments. Re-check your comment, if you are sure with the words, then read carefully the captcha. If the captcha is clear, type it in to the box provided. If the captcha isn't clear, click Re-captcha. Type the captcha in to the box then click publish.
  4. Your comment will appear.

    Your comment successfully published.... 
  5. If your email account has not been registered in blogger, will appear page of blogger and you need to sign in as like sign in to your email account.

    Don't worry.., just follow the step above, type your email and password to Sign in.
  6. You will see another window. So just continue to click the box with the words "creat blogger limited profile" that I gave the arrow.
  7. This is the next windows you will see :

    This is the last step, no. 1 there are some language you can choose one you want. No. 2 type your appear name at blogger. No. 3 click "continue to blogger", Then your comment will appear.
that's all my writing for this page in this time. Just try to give comment to this page. May be useful for those who read. May Allah give us secure, safe, smooth and blessing..aamiin.